The Power of Great Hunger:

Igniting Our Dreams and Healing the World

The Hivery’s Entrepreneur + Inspiration Lab 2018

Breakout Session with Dr. Tererai Trent


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Unlocking What Breaks Your Heart

Coming early November! The Awakened Woman Lessons…a series of online teachings stemming from indigenous wisdom, modern research, and daily rituals.

Being your journey with Lesson #1: Unlocking What Breaks Your Heart.

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Lesson 1 gives you the teachings and tools needed to:

  • Get in tune with the deep hunger that lies within you
  • Unlock what breaks your heart
  • Align your purpose and passion to what breaks your heart
  • Begin to create a road map about what you want for the future

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Click here for a handout from the Hivery 2018 lab that will guide you through one of the key aspects of unlocking with breaks your heart and that is creating an awareness of your little hungers and their impact on your life. 

Become a Sacred Dreamer

Inspiring 1 million women to help continue what Oprah started…to create educational equality in rural Zimbabwe. Each book sold will bring us closer to helping the struggling rural woman who want to stop the cycle of poverty and illiteracy, and hand over a new baton to their girls through education.

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