The Awakened Woman Scholarship Fund

A key mission of The Awakened Woman, LLC is to ensure access to its products, services, and events to women of all means and backgrounds. To fulfill this mission, we’ve initiated a scholarship fund.

You may make a donation in increments of $10.00 (U.S. dollars).

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The Awakened Woman Scholarship Fund (hereinafter referred to as the FUND) is used to support women in the following, but not limited ways:

  • Cover registration fees for an Awakened Woman sponsored event (e.g., workshops)
  • Offer travel support to participate in a sponsored event or to hear Dr. Tererai speak
  • Offset lodging and/or meal costs during sponsored events
  • Access to authored books, online courses, and to other Awakened Woman products

The FUND is also used to help distribute copies of The Awakened Woman book to women living in the contiguous US who would benefit from the teachings but may either be unaware of the book or unable to purchase themselves. You can directly support our distribution of books to women’s shelters, correctional facilities, health and wellness facilities, cancer treatment facilities, and to other community groups serving and supporting women when you purchase the Full Sacred Dreamer Package.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Your donation is to The Awakened Woman, LLC and is not tax deductible.
  2. It is under the sole discretion of The Awakened Woman, LLC to determine when and how FUNDS are allocated.
  3. An annual report of how FUNDS are allocated will be provided on the website and upon request by a donor.
  4. The FUND is in not connected to the Tererai Trent International Foundation and/or to any of its efforts.
  5. Names and/or affiliation of donors will be shared upon consent only. Please indicate your preference (anonymous, in memory of, in honor of) and your consent to use identifying information in the “order note” field (to the right of the billing address).