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I am Dr. Tererai Trent.

I grew up very poor in a tiny village in Zimbabwe. Against all odds, I became an internationally recognized voice for women’s education and empowerment, and a leader for social change.

I am also Oprah Winfrey’s “All-Time Favorite Guest.” Thanks to Oprah and countless others around the world, I have been able to educate over 4000 girls in Zimbabwe. When miracles like this happen, I say, Tinogona: It is achievable!

Now, my dream is to help women just like you find your miracle through my Awakened Woman lessons. I hope you enjoy this free video and worksheet designed to help you unlock and achieve your dreams – personally, professionally, spiritually, and emotionally.

* My commitment to educating girls in Zimbabwe is stronger than ever. That’s why every purchase of the Awakened Woman lessons (either a single lesson or the full series) directly supports my mission of creating a sustainable education system allowing girls from our schools to attend college. Did you know that just $3000 USD is enough to give one young woman access to life-changing education?


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BONUS Resource: Oprah Surprises Tererai Trent

Oprah’s Lifeclass | Oprah Winfrey Network

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BONUS Resource: Podcast Interview with Lewis Howes
“It all starts with a dream, a vision. Of course one of the secrets is never giving up, but the biggest one is that it needs to be yours.” Lewis Howes

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BONUS Resource: Good Life Project Interview
Dr. Trent’s gripping story is both the topic of this podcast with Jonathan Fields and is detailed her deeply-moving new book, The Awakened Woman – Remembering & Reigniting Our Sacred Dreams

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BONUS Resource: Ted-X San Diego Talk
Tererai Trent’s story is one of hardship and adversity, combined with the determination to never give up on her dream to gain an education, then return to the village where she grew up and build a school, thus breaking a generations old pattern that neglected the educational needs of young girls. As she reminds us, “To educate is to empower, to empower is to liberate, and to liberate is to enable individuals to have dignity.”

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BONUS Resource: Seven Essentials Handout
These seven essentials are core elements of the lessons Dr. Trent has learned over time and represent foundational teaching from her The Awakened Woman book and Sacred Sister Circles™ curriculum.

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The Awakened Woman Book
The book that started the Awakened Woman Movement.

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Inspired to do more?

Dr. Trent is dedicated to helping women in Zimbabwe and around the world break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy.

An easy way for you to help support  Tererai’s important mission and spread her powerful message is to buy ten copies of her acclaimed book, The Awakened Woman. Keep one copy for yourself, and leave nine others wherever it might reach a woman in need — at a train station, on the bus, at a women’s shelter or a school, in a hospital waiting room, or as a donation to your local library.

This small but significant act will help us build a global movement dedicated to redefining the choices and opportunities available to girls and women.

The sale of every book directly helps the young women in Zimbabwe who are determined to rise above poverty and illiteracy through access to formal education.

Thank you for joining Dr. Trent and 1 million women in the Awakened Woman Movement today!