My Sixth Dream

I was born to a cattle-herding family in rural Zimbabwe (then known as Rhodesia). A country under a colonial system of governance and long-held cultural practices that charted the course of my early life. By the age of eighteen, I was already a mother of four children, without so much as a high school diploma. With very little education and only my mother’s encouragement to aim high and break the cycle of poverty, I wrote down my five dreams on a scrap of paper: to go to America; to achieve a bachelor’s, a master’s, and a doctorate degree; and to give back to my community. I then sealed this list of dreams in a tin can and buried them in a tin under a rock in the place I used to herd cattle.

Over the next several years, I achieved all of my dreams. And so now, I have a #sixthdream.

A dream to create employment for rural women in order to sustain the local education system. An education system that was started through a generous donation by Oprah Winfrey, and that is helping to “break the circle of poverty” especially for young girls.

What Drives my #SixthDream?

Sixty-seven percent (67%) of Zimbabwe’s population live in the rural areas, and 52% of them are poor women including mothers and grandmothers who are trying their best to educate their children and failing due to lack of employment.

Creating meaningful employment for women (mothers and grandmothers) is the surest way to:

  • Build a sustainable education system that guarantees a better future for children living in rural and poverty-stricken areas with greater benefits for the girls in particular
  • Deliver quality education that ensures both girls and boys have an opportunity to education past high school

My #sixthdream is one you can help with!

I’m inspiring women across the world to buy 10 copies of my acclaimed book, The Awakened Woman. One copy for yourself, and nine additional copies for women in your life that you know are being silenced in one way or another. Each book sold will bring me closer to helping the struggling rural woman of Zimbabwe who want to hand over a different baton to their girls through education.

My #sixthedream represents a strategy to focus on the development and growth of an improved education system supported by socially engaged business models that boost local economies while improving women’s lives. In essence, we are working hard to place resources, skills, and technology into the hands of rural women, so they can create sustainable and dependable income streams.

Here’s what you can do!

Pre-order 10 copies of the paperback version of #theawakenedwoman book.

    One book can be for you and nine copies for other women in your life who might be silenced. After ordering, take a selfie holding a sign stating #sxithdream #tinogona! or you can merely post on social media using the hashtag #sixthdream. Be sure to tag the women to whom you’ll be sending extra copies to.

    Then later this summer, you will receive 10 signed copies of the book, which you can then share.

    Perhaps the most important gift my mother ever gave to me was this: she made it clear to me that I had the right to dream, no matter the circumstances of my life. 

    The truth is, if we don’t make it our mission to speak our truths in the face of so much silencing, we may not be putting our hope in the next generation, but instead passing down or silences to th