What they are saying about The Awakened Woman...

“If you ever had a dream, a longing, a desire, but thought to yourself, ‘no way, I could never. I don’t have time / money / resources / skills / courage…’ this book is for you.

If you’ve ever looked at the world and felt an aching for one of its many hurts or injustices, this book is for you.

If you know the power of sisterhood or need to know its power, this book is for you.”


“In The Awakened Woman, Tererai weaves her riveting story with that of other women to inspire us to dream as boldly as she dared to, then holds our hands and walks us through each crucial practical step to achieve those dreams.”   Civil rights lawyer and New York Times bestselling author of Think, Swagger and Suspicion Nation LISA BLOOM

“Any time anyone tells you that a dream is impossible, any time you’re discouraged by impossible challenges, just mutter this mantra: Tererai Trent.”   New York Times columnist, Pulitzer Prize winner, and best selling author of Half the Sky NICHOLAS KRISTOF

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