A Guide to Remembering and Igniting Your Sacred Dreams

“If you know the power of sisterhood or need to know its power, this book is for you.”

– Oprah Winfrey

For those who love to listen, here’s an audiobook excerpt from Chapter One of THE AWAKENED WOMAN, read by me! Courtesy of @SimonAudio. Click on the red play button.

What Oprah Says About The Awakened Woman

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My gift to you is an audio file where I share three inspirational sayings passed down to me from my mother and grandmother. These sayings embody my journey from a child bride to one of the world’s most recognizable voices in women’s empowerment and education.

These sayings, which are grounded in African wisdom, will inspire you to pursue your sacred dreams.

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This book is your guide for invoking the sacred dream. It is about thinking globally and acting locally – in which local means to start from deep inside each of us. First, we need to understand the world we face, and indeed, the decks are often stacked against us. But we can heal the world from the inside out, and that is my fundamental message: We must awaken to the world as it is, and to the potential within us to change it, which we can do if we are only given the tools.

What Others Are Saying About The Awakened Woman

Oprah Winfrey

“If you’ve ever had a dream, a longing, a desire, but thought to yourself, ‘No way, I could never. I don’t have the time / money / resources / skills / courage…’ this book is for you. If you’ve ever looked at the world and felt an aching for one of its many hurts or injustices, this book is for you. If you know the power of sisterhood or need to know its power, this book is for you.”

-Oprah Winfrey

Nicholas Kristof

“Any time anyone tells you that a dream is impossible, any time you’re discouraged by impossible challenges, just mutter this mantra: Tererai Trent.”

-Nicholas Kristof

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and #1 nationally bestselling author of Half the Sky

Danica McKellar

“Against the gripping backdrop of Dr. Trent’s beginnings in war-torn, patriarchal Zimbabwe, The Awakened Woman shines as a beacon of hope to women everywhere. She invites the reader to sit around a sacred fire of sisterhood with her, guiding us on a powerful personal journey, and stoking the embers within us all to reclaim our voices to heal our souls – and the heart of the world.”

-Danica McKellar

Actress and New York Times bestselling author of Kiss My Math

Lisa Bloom

“In The Awakened Woman, Tererai Trent weaves her riveting story with that of other women to inspire us to dream as boldly as she dared to, then holds our hands and walks us through each crucial practical step to achieve those dreams. Tererai calls us to remember the foundation of who we are and reminds us of the rituals that ground us. This powerful interactive book is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, your daughter (or yourself!) when you want to say: BE YOU. BE BOLD. BE CREATIVE. YOUR LIFE MATTERS. And what could be more important than that?”

-Lisa Bloom

Civil rights lawyer and New York Times bestselling author of Think, Swagger and Suspicion Nation

Jo Luck

“A mesmerizing and inspiring story of an amazing woman’s remarkable journey.

-Jo Luck

Former president and CEO of Heifer International and 2010 World Food Prize Laureate